Commercial Types of Multi Color Shag Rug

Jun 1st

Multi Color Shag Rug – Commercial carpeting should preferably be inexpensive, resilient and appealing to the eye. All commercial carpets use a short loop, which means that the carpet fibers do not stick up very high, as opposed to a pile carpet that has a very high loop. Commercial carpets are becoming a popular choice for use in the home, because of its resistance and relatively inexpensive cost.

Carpet of cut hair is the carpet that has had its loops strategically cut during the weaving of the carpet. This makes all loops of the same height and allows them to plume, or stick out a little. Cut pile carpets can be of various thicknesses, but regardless of thickness, cut pile carpet always provides a feeling of cushioning for the feet.

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Level loop carpet is created by making the loops uniform in height and keep them uncut. This provides a smooth and level surface. The strong ties of level loop carpet make it very durable and resistant to matting and tracking. Cut and loop carpet is a combination of cut pile carpet and loop level carpet. This type of carpet has average durability and offers a variety of decorative options. The variation of the loops and cuts can allow the creation of designs and the use of multiple colors within the carpet. Due to multiple heights within the fibers of the carpet, carpet cut and loop thus conceals dirt and is therefore ideal for formal areas.