Colorful TV Stand On A Brick Wall

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Colorful TV stand – Some owners like to create an attractive focal point in their den or living room by mounting a flat screen TV on a brick wall. The work requires a different hardware with more specialized bits. But with the right tools and planning, the results can be impressive.

Ideas for install a colorful TV stand on a brick wall, place the bracket on the wall. Align at least 4 holes of the screws in the brick (not the mortar) to the desired mounting height. Mark these places with a pencil or the tip of the drill. Make the places marked with the masonry bit. Make sure the drill penetrates at least 1/2 inch deeper than the maximum depth of the expansion anchors. And then insert the expansion sleeves into the drilled holes. Tap flush with the brick, using the hammer.

Position the wall bracket over the sleeves so that the holes in the bolts align with the openings in the sleeves. Insert the bolts and washers through the holes in the mount and tighten by hand. Secure the rest of the way with the pipe wrench and the appropriate insert. Take a quick pull on the holder to make sure it is securely mounted.

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