Choosing Sherwin Williams Deck Stain Colors

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Sherwin Williams deck stain colors are exposed to the elements day after day in all weather. Without proper treatment tires can look weathered and old and may need to be replaced much earlier than a tire that is cleaned and sealed regularly. The time and money to maintain a tire will pay off in the form of many years of enjoyment.

Preparing Deck

Remove all furniture, toys, grills, planting or other objects from the surface of the tire. Sweep the area with a hard brush to remove leaves, dust or dirt. Spray whole tires down with a garden hose to remove any remaining dirt. Protect any surrounding plants with plastic wrap.

Tire cleaning

The best method for deck stain colors depends on the tire condition. For a lightly soiled tire, a commercially available tire cleaning product can be applied with a vigorous roller and rinsed with water. If the tire shows a lot of wear or dirt, use a high pressure washer for best results. Use the setting fan on the washer to avoid damage to the surface. The tire can be colored if desired. For best results use an oil-based bed to achieve more long-lasting results than with a water-based stain. Avoid solid stains as they do not stand well for regular pedestrian traffic and will require frequent touch ups.

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