Certainteed Shingle Colors Ideas

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Certainteed Shingle Colors – Solar shingles are defined as having a surface that mainly reflects far more radiation than the normal roof surface. Infrared radiation is a light spectrum that produces significant heat on the roof surface. Solar reflective shingles are specifically designed to reduce the absorption of solar infrared radiation by reflecting rays from the roof surface.

The benefits of heat reflective shingles can be used for building, studies of heat degradation for heat generation are one of the most powerful factors that affect durability. High temperatures and large variations; seasonal or daily, at the roof level it damages the longevity of the roof surface. Extreme reducing temperature changes will reduce the occurrence of damage to the roof system.

Using certainteed shingle colors solar reflective and solar reflective roofing products that reflect ultraviolet and especially infrared radiation will be caused by UV and heat degradation. Landmark is a proven and proven certainteed shingle colors architectural roofing laminate. Designed to replicate the appearance of a cedar rocking roof, Landmark is available in a variety of impressive colors that complement trimming, plastering or wall covering.

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