Cambria Quartz Colors Modern Decoration Style

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Cambria quartz colors – Cambria quartz countertops have several advantages overlaminate and even travertine or granite. The product’s stain resistance and durability properties face other natural stone products, although the material is less expensive. However, for all its positive qualities, quartz countertops are not impervious to chips and scratches. Cambria countertops are property building materials that have a natural stone surface made up of 93 percent quartz.

The advantages of cambria countertops colors are many, according to the manufacturer: They are strong and durable, do not require maintenance, are safe as food preparation surfaces, do not give off gases, and do not contain formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds. Cambria countertops are available in 83 colors arranged in six collections. The manufacturer offers ideas about the color combination of different collections, and several edge profiles are available.

The 28 colors of the mine collection are deeply veined and patterned surfaces that resemble a combination of different stones. Many of these colors are gray, tan and brown with different colors and internal patterns. But there is also a compound green-gray, two red-oxide with inter colorings, colors that seem to have veins of gold and terracotta. The quartz countertops classic collection includes two blues, one bright red, one almost pure white, and the surfaces that look like granite, limestone, and sandstone.

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