Bring More Attention To Your Small Garden Flags

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Small Garden Flags Landscape

Although pretty boring in itself, adding a few plants – or even stones – around your small garden flags adds the area. Whether you want the flag itself to take the most attention or whether the landscape will play a greater role will determine your approach. The simpler your landscape, the more eyes you will have on your flag. Combine both flowers and ground covers to create a slightly more complex look that still gives the flag the most attention. This design fills in a bit more space, which works well in larger yards.

Choose a ground cover that is resistant to pedestrians, because you must reach the flagpole to raise or lower the flag. Create a plant-free landscape by adding a layer of rock around the flagpole in a circular way. Colored stone, such as red rock, fits well in the background of your garden. This design creates an island-like effect, whereby the flag differs considerably from the rest of your garden.

Bring more attention to the landscape by making an almost complete circle of perennials, leaving a small spot open for a stone path that leads to the center of the flagpole. You can connect the stone path with another walkway or leave it as a stand-alone.

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