Block Paver Patio Installation

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Paver Patio Installation Method

Building a patio or walkway with pavement blocks can add structure and value to your home. Paving with concrete, stone or clay blocks results in a strong, weather-resistant surface that will last for years. Paver patio installation is available in different sizes and colors depending on the material you choose. These heavy paving stones require a solid, deep foundation so that they do not sink over time.


Mark the edges of your site with wooden sticks and tie a long piece of yarn between the pins. Add 3 inches to each side for restrictions. Dig out the grass and dirt from the area within the yarn with a spade. Continue digging a surface 12 inches deep plus the thickness of the paving block, minus two inches. For example, if your block is 5 inches thick, dig down 15 inches so that your surface will sit 2 inches above ground level. Cross the ground with a hand sabotage to compress the ground and force out moisture and air pockets.

Fill wide with three four-inch thick layers of aggregate. Go over each layer of sabotage before adding additional filling. Tamp the unit until the stones have no long shifts under your feet. The irregularly shaped stones will wedge together to form a solid base for the blocks, while allowing moisture to travel through for drainage. Make sure the unit is level and move it as needed before the stamp is again. An uneven base will result in an uneven surface. Paver patio installation with Place wood or metal border restrictions around the inside. Attach them to the heater under by sinking the 12-inch nail nails through the holes with a hammer.

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