Best Living Room Paint Colors for Modern Look

Jun 23rd

Best living room paint colors – To begin, look at your room: you will immediately see the dominant colors, these are the ones you like the most. For example, if you never put blue, why would you put blue on the wall of your living room? In general, follow your instinct rather than fads, which tend to get bored pretty quickly. The living room is a part of “residence”, that is to say that one is brought to stay there a long time, contrary to the rooms of passage as the entry.

We receive, discuss, watch television, a relatively neutral color is needed to not confine the space. To get out of the traditional white / beige, go dig in the range of autumn colors (ocher, marsala …) or shades of blue that have a very soothing! With neutral colors on the walls, you can paint the frames of your doors and windows one to three shades above the color of the walls, and with a satin paint.

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Do not deprive yourself of applying your favorite color in the living room, but on a single wall if it is a strong color such as red. Behind the sofa for example, she will identify the living room as being distinct from the dining area if you have a large living room: a clever way to delimit the spaces without partitioning them!

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