Beautiful Kitchen Paint Colors with Dark Cabinets

Jun 13th

Kitchen paint colors with dark cabinets Cherry cabinets have an expensive look, due to the richness of red from natural wood. If you have natural cherry wood or another type of wood dyed in a cherry color, you need the colors of the right wall and shades of paint. The choice of the wrong color gives the room an irregular and unattractive appearance. The colors of the right wall work with the cherry without overwhelming your kitchen.

The darker colors give a dramatic touch to the kitchen. The problem with lighter colors is that the paint shows food stains and other debris in the space. Some shades such as white and cream can even develop yellow veins of oil and cooking vapors. Darker colors show fewer spots of this type. Choose darker colors with a richness, such as ruby red or navy blue. Red colors pick up the red tones in the cherry tree, while the tone tones other darker until the redness. Darker colors work better in larger rooms, as the combination of dark tones makes a smaller room feel even smaller. Use a lighter or neutral tone on the moldings and baseboards in the room.

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When painting your kitchen, consider the ceiling. A darker roof in a larger kitchen brings the ceiling down, making the room feel warmer and more inviting. A lighter color in a smaller room draws attention and makes the room look bigger. Always choose the colors that complement the cherry and without detriment of the wood. The ceiling paint of a lighter shade than the walls adds more dimension to the kitchen.