Apartment Container Gardening For Vegetables

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How To Container Gardening Vegetables

The use of container gardening offers a gardener the freedom to have fresh vegetables throughout the year. Gardening in containers is ideal for people who live in apartments. With a small space, but the daily needs of healthy food stay in a handy place. So, you can pick it up every time you want. There are many types of vegetables are appropriate for container gardens.

Some vegetables that grow in container gardens include green onions, eggplants, peppers, parsley, tomatoes, and radishes. A couple of types of vegetables that grow in containers, but require additional help are cucumbers and climbing beans. There are also dwarf and miniature styles of many vegetables suitable for gardening in pots.

The type of container used to plant the vegetables depends on the size of the plant. There are porous and non-porous containers for gardening. Non-porous varieties include glazing, glass, plastic or metal pots. The containers have to comply with the basic requirements of plant cultivation such as sufficient drainage holes and sufficient space for the root systems of form. Growing vegetables in containers is not a complex process. Certain vegetables need help to flower. A culture medium provides nutrients and water absorption to ensure that vegetables grow. Some media materials of lightweight growth include sawdust, peat, wood shavings or perlite.

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