All About The Winter Vegetable Garden

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All About The Winter Vegetable Garden

People prefer winter vegetable garden for several reasons. Winter vegetables of many varieties can be difficult to obtain, and homegrown versions are likely to taste better and be more readily available. Some growers simply like gardening and want to continue to monitor their plants during the winter seasons. There are two winter schools growing vegetables: plant them with enough time to produce a crop before dying and protect them throughout the winter.

Killing frost is a term used to describe the first frost of the winter season that plants can not survive. After this frost, the cultivated vegetables normally cannot survive. Gardeners who want plants to live beyond aggressive frost should protect them with plastic coverings or place them in greenhouses. Vegetables will grow much more easily in softer areas that are not subject to killing frost.

When the plants are thinned out before winter, a lot of space should be left between each plant separately. The more the plants intermingle, the more easily the mold formation can develop under their leaves, which weakens and kill them before they can produce. Winter gardens should drain very easily. Water left on the ground can freeze near plants and damage more easily, or provide excellent environments for molds. The vegetables that are grown during the winter should be planted in loose soils. Producers can add organic fertilizer to the soil to help it drain more thoroughly.

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